Details of Clubs

The College promotes various clubs (groups) of global, national or local significance. Each club represents a dimension of life as spritual, physical, health, cultural, social, spritual or environmental. Club facilitate the integral formation of the students. Clubs organize programmes in the neighbourhood as extension activities. Each club has Staff/SDB representative as Animator/Co-Animator. The Vision, Mission and activities of the clubs are revisited every year, guided by the animators.

Every under-graduate student has to join mandatorily one of the twenty clubs (Nos.1-20) to fulfil a singular aspect of the requirnments of Extension Activities and thus to quality for the degree programme of Thiruvalluvar University. Student can additionally choose one or more group/club/movement(s) towards career prospects and personality development.


S.No Name of Club Nature Dimension
1 DB Music Youth Club Education & Culture
2 Newman Youth Club Education to Faith
3 Paatti Thaatha Youth Club Social Experience
4 Rotaract Youth Club Social Experience
5 AICUF Youth Club Social Experience
6 Small Savings Youth Club Social Experience
7 Bosco Fine Arts Youth Club Education & Culture
8 Digital Arts Youth Club Social Communication
9 Electoral Literacy Youth Club Social Experience
10 Creative Writing Youth Club Education & Culture
11 Literacy Youth Club Education & Culture
12 Youth Red Cross Youth Club Health Care
13 Bosco Volunteers Youth Club Social Experience
14 AYUSH Youth Club Environment
15 Blue Cross Youth Club Environment
16 Clean Hills Youth Club Environment
17 Green Hills Youth Club Environment
18 MIYAWAKI Youth Club Environment
19 Red Ribbon Youth Club Health Care
20 Media Forum Youth Club Social Communication
21 Citizen Consumer Youth Club Social Experience
22 Sports Club Youth Club Education & Culture
23 Bosco Theatre Youth Club Education & Culture