History of Clubs

A student must involve in at least 160 hours of extension activities in a span of six semesters. The student’s
performance is evaluated by staff representatives along with the Head of the respective department on the
following parameters.

· 40% for active participation in Youth Club

· 10% for exemplary awards/Certificates/Prizes.

· 40% for participation in Bosco Outreach.

The above activities are conducted outside the academic working hours.

Every student is a member of one of the youth clubs of the college. Every student must also participate in the village   Outreach Programme (Bosco Outreach). A student may also involve in other extension activities initiated by the College.


The college promotes twenty-three clubs (groups) of global, national or local significance. Each Club upholds a dimension of life such as sports, social, voluntarism, spirituality, ecology, fine arts and likewise. Clubs facilitate the integral formation of the students. Clubs organize programmes in the neighborhood as department-extension activity. Each Club has a staff representative as animator. The vision, mission and goal setting of the clubs arerevisited every year, guided by the animators.